2018-06-08 / Letters

Another year of multiple referendums?

To the editor,

Please vote no on the school budget on Tuesday, June 12.

Last month, over 3,000 citizens from all over Scarborough voted to recall three school board members by a wide margin.

Tensions around town were running very high leading up to that recall vote. The following week, the town council had the opportunity to ease those tensions and bring some unity to our town by providing the budget they promised to the citizens – with a less than 3 percent tax rate increase. Doing so would likely have gotten a majority of citizens to support the budget and gotten it passed in one vote.

Instead, by a vote of 5-2, the council chose agenda-driven politics and a path of divisiveness once again.

The council missed their goal of less than 3 percent by about $900,000. So they used the current commercial revaluation to cover up their lack of fiscal responsibility and financial planning. Now Scarborough could again see another summer-long, media frenzied, multi-referendum school budget vote. Just what we don’t need.

This year, the total net budget has increased 5.6 percent from last year while the school net budget has increased 5.9 percent. Both of these increases are very good reasons to vote no on the budget. But of greater concern are the actions of the town council at a critical moment in our town.

They dropped the ball and disregarded their less than 3 percent goal. In doing so, they set up yet another contentious school budget vote.

A no vote is not a vote against kids or education, but rather a vote to hold the town council accountable to their goals and to the people they represent.

Please vote no on Tuesday, June 12.

Brian J. Kanode

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