2018-06-08 / Letters

Past budgets left school needs unmet

To the editor,

Our schools need us to pass this budget on the first try. With school budget cuts in recent years and the proposed budget leaving educational needs unmet, we cannot afford any further reductions.

The school and town built a reasonable budget, with school expenses increasing only 3 percent and the town increasing more due to our new public safety building. Even with the impact of our new building, the expected mil rate (tax rate per $1,000 of value) increase is only 1.44 percent. That will continue to leave us lower than the large majority of our neighboring towns.

If the budget is voted down, something will be cut. Once an item is cut from the budget, it is exceedingly difficult to get it put back in. Budget cuts can result in unmet needs for years to come. We already invest less, per student, in our schools than many southern Maine towns. Our teachers bear the brunt of this, having to do more with less year after year. Our children and teachers deserve better.

One of the most concrete actions you can take to support our children and teachers is to vote in favor of the school budget. Please vote yes on June 12 and let’s all spend this summer at the beach, not the polls.

Michelle DuEst

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