2018-06-08 / Letters

Time to vote on budget in Scarborough

To the editor,

It’s time to vote on the budget again. For the past few years, the increases in the spending have been masked by various means of using funds to lower increases in the mil rate. These masks have done nothing to rein in spending and have in fact added to the budget expenses year after year.

This time, the majority of the town council is using the commercial revaluation to cover up a lack of fiscal responsibility and using it to increase expenses. The commercial revaluation is supposed to be used for relief to the residential taxpayer who overpaid all these years because the commercial sector underpaid. Revenue neutral. It says so right on the town website.

The amount of taxes needed to be raised this time by both the town and school has increased by 5.6 percent. And remember, it is this 5.6 percent increase that will be baked into all future budgets going forward. Fixed incomers can not keep up with increases like this. Even others can’t keep up. We just keep kicking the can down the road with these gimmicks of using funds during the last few years and it all just keeps adding to the budgets going forward.

And just wait until the residential revaluation next year when your reassessment on your home increases. How much more do you think your home is worth than 12 years ago? What impact do you think that will have? Will the town council play the revaluation game again like they did this year?

A no vote is not holding the school budget hostage, it is holding the town council accountable.

Vote no the first time and every time until they get it.

Paula O’Brien

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