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Many accomplishments for Sen. Volk

To the editor,

Senator Amy Volk, District 30, has done an outstanding job in representing her constituents in Augusta in the Legislature. Agree with her or disagree, her record of thoughtfully and sincerely voting in the best interest of the people in her district and her state are hard to argue.

She takes no vote lightly and realizes that her decisions impact thousands of people. Watch her Facebook page and you will see that she holds nothing back when explaining a vote or position she took in Augusta. I admire that about Amy as it is rare among politicians.

Senator Volk is a strong Christian woman and has a wonderful family. She and her husband have raised amazing children that are also making an impact on the world whether it is their oldest advocating for autism awareness, their daughter in law school fighting for unfair juvenile sentencing or their daughter working toward becoming a nurse. Amy Volk has set a great example of public service and it is continuing with her children.

She is an outstanding leader, always standing for what is right. We are blessed to have her as our senator. She is very diligent and tends to details. I have done some volunteering for her so I know this firsthand.

Senator Volk’s Bills to Address Opioid Epidemic and Labor Trafficking survived vetoes. The Legislature voted on May 2 to override the governor’s vetoes of LD 1740 and LD 1771 by wide margins.

This is one of Sen. Volk’s many major accomplishments.

She is a strong supporter of veterans rights, holding meetings to encourage veterans to learn about their benefits. Her husband is also a strong supporter of veterans, and has had built a breathtaking Heroes Wall at Volk Packaging in the Biddeford Industrial Park and is donating all the money raised to the VFW.

It is imperative that Sen. Volk be re-elected to the Maine Senate to complete the important business that she has started.

Join me in November and vote for Amy Volk as our state senator.

Thomas R. Heels

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