2018-08-10 / Letters

Senate candidate will work across aisle

To the editor,

Dr. Linda Sanborn is running for the state Senate in District 30 which covers Gorham and parts of Scarborough and Buxton.

Her many years serving the public as a family medical doctor, a four-term legislator in Maine’s House of Representatives, and her service in a number of community organizations make Linda Sanborn an exceptionally qualified candidate.

As a state senator, Linda will work hard for Maine citizens on the challenging issues we all care about, including property tax relief.

Maine voters have been clear that the state should fund 55 percent of municipal school budgets to help curb local property tax spending.

As a legislator, Linda strongly supported reaching that goal.

Municipal Revenue Sharing, a state program aimed at reducing municipal property taxes, has increasingly seen its funds shifted from municipal spending to state coffers.

Gov. LePage called revenue sharing municipal welfare and sought to eliminate it, which would only have increased local property taxes.

As a state senator, Linda Sanborn will fight to preserve and strengthen revenue sharing in support of greater state funding for local school budgets and other municipal services.

Linda will work across the aisle to ensure schools are funded and that the state does its part to pay for the education our students need.

Your vote counts. Please vote for Linda Sanborn for state Senate on Nov. 6.

Greg Hanscom

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