2018-09-14 / Letters

Candidate is ‘the change’ that Scarborough needs

To the editor,

I am a small business owner in Scarborough. I have raised my children here and have loved it. However, in recent years, the political discourse in this town has simply broken my heart.

Competing needs of schools, seniors and working families have torn us apart. And I’ve questioned if our representation in Augusta has adequately met these needs. Perhaps it is time for a change.

So, I spent hours this summer driving Dr. Linda Sanborn around as she spoke with residents and I learned about her viewpoints and character. Frankly, I was very impressed.

Linda is dually focused on strengthening Maine’s public schools, as well as addressing the needs of seniors. In fact, her efforts were recognized by an award from the Maine Council on Aging.

She’s committed to growing our economy with a focus on renewable energy, and a strong and affordable health care system – creating good paying jobs and saving Mainers money.

Being a clean elections candidate means that Dr. Sanborn is not taking money from outside interests, so her only focus is on us. We would be lucky to have Dr. Linda Sanborn represent us in the Maine Senate.

Linda is the change that Scarborough needs.

Jane Mount

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