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Writers share views on upcoming vote

To the editor,

Dedication and devotion to our children and students have always been attributes that Leroy Crockett has put first. Leroy began coaching sports when he was just 18 years old himself, and he continued to coach youth sports for over 10 years. It was very rewarding for Leroy to see all players on the team improve, and it was important to him to make sure all players benefited and grew.

When he was president of Scarborough Rotary Club, Leroy helped reinvigorate the Scarborough High School Interact Club, reflecting his passion that young adults become better citizens by engaging in their communities.

He has also organized and participated in literacy projects at the middle and intermediate schools. One example is a giant outdoor map of the United States that volunteers painted near the playground of the intermediate school. Teachers now can use it as fun, interactive teaching aid. Leroy also worked with the high school and middle school on the student of the quarter citizenship recognition programs and he helps raise money for scholarships.

Leroy is part of the Scarborough Alumni Memorial Golf Committee that helps to raise over $30,000 for Scarborough High School student scholarships.

Some of the teachers in Scarborough schools graduated with Leroy, who is himself a Scarborough alumnus. He knows it is important to support teachers as they help us, as parents and community leaders, prepare our children to realize their true potential.

He also volunteers on the community services/recreation committee, the zoning board of appeals and is active with the Scarborough Chamber of Commerce. Leroy Crockett exemplifies the ideal of service above self.

Please join me in voting for Leroy Crockett for Scarborough Board of Education. I’m confident he will work tirelessly to ensure that every student has the chance to release their inner greatness.

Richard E. Murphy

To the editor,

As a fellow Scarborough alumni and strong supporter of our schools I recognize the energy, desire, dedication, conviction, good listening and communication skills that are needed on our board of education.

I have known Leroy Crockett as a business acquaintance and on a personal level for several years. From my own personal experience I know that if something needs to be done Leroy will jump right in and ask how he can help, not quitting until he has achieved the mutually desired outcome.

Leroy has been very actively involved with his children’s education as well as helping others in need. I know Leroy takes great pride in the school system and community having graduated from Scarborough High School himself. Having a child with special needs and fighting for them endlessly through graduation, Leroy stands ready to assist those with special education needs. Leroy has coached many students throughout the years believing that teaching them to work hard at everything they do will bring future success.

Leroy also served on a school committee as well as introduced me to the board of Scarborough Schools and Business Partnership which I greatly enjoy being apart of. Leroy and myself both share a passion in aiding our students to explore educational and career possibilities whether it be through means of a college degree or entering into the skilled trades industry. Leroy feels it will take more than one year to get the results the town needs, therefore he has decided to run for a three years term. Leroy has spent his entire life in this community and believes in giving back much like I do.

If you want some to represent you being your voice and not leaving a single student behind, I urge you to join me in voting for Leroy Crockett for a three-year term on the board of education.

Matthew Boulerice,

To the editor,

Every two years since 2010 I have been more than happy to write a letter to the editor in support of Amy Volk.

My letters have been consistent because Amy has been consistent when it comes to representing the people of Scarborough.

When I vote, I look at what the person I’m voting for has done in the past, what they say they’ll do in the future and I also look at the person. Amy Volk is a person of high moral character and unquestionable integrity.

In today’s divisive political environment Scarborough is very fortunate to have someone who is always willing to work across the aisle to get things done without ever compromising her core principles.

So, once again, I will not hesitate when I walk in the voting booth to cast my vote for Amy Volk. I hope you do as well.

Darcy Pierce

To the editor,

For anyone thinking of running for a seat on our school board, they must be in touch with the students needs and listen to our community.

I have been a lifelong resident of Scarborough and have worked closely with Leroy Crockett over the years through our friendship and partnership in Rotary. Leroy serves on many boards, committees and organization in town. He is deeply grounded in the Scarborough community.

Through his daughter in the high school and volunteering at the high school, Leroy has a pulse on what the students are looking for and need. I know Leroy personally took it upon himself to reach out to teachers throughout town for needs, wants or comments as to what they want. Leroy has told the teachers he will actively listen to them, want them involved in discussions and seek input from them on important matters affecting our students. Leroy has a proven track record of leadership through Scarborough Rotary, Scarborough Buy Local, Scarborough Community Chamber of Commerce and the current chairman of the Scarborough Zoning Board of Appeals.

Please join me in casting your vote for Leroy Crockett for Scarborough School Board a voice for everyone in this great community.

John M. Murphy

To the editor,

I am writing to share my support for the re-election of Karen Vachon for House District 29 and Amy Volk for Senate District 30 in Augusta. We are so fortunate to have such quality people representing us in Augusta.

Karen’s work on our behalf, especially in the areas of seeking an affordable and accountable health care system as well as her commitment to seeking manageable and respectful solutions to the opioid crises are but two of a number of efforts Karen has shown leadership in working on a bipartisan basis which is so needed. She has gained respect among her colleagues and deserves to continue her great work on our behalf.

Amy’s appointment as assistant majority chair is an example of the respect she has gained from her colleagues in Augusta as a leader. However, she has also developed a reputation of working with others to do what is necessary to helping solve the challenges facing us as a state such as affordable housing, human trafficking, and health related issues such as the addiction problem.

She also understands the need to create a business climate in Maine that will attract new businesses as well as support the businesses already committed to Maine.

To me, authenticity is a rare quality to find in today’s fractured political environment.

Karen Vachon and Amy Volk represent the best in authentic people in Augusta. I hope others will agree and vote to send them back to work on our behalf in November.

Richard Sawyer

To the editor,

As a resident of Scarborough since 1999, I have seen many changes in this town – some welcome and some not so much.

My concerns have centered around the growth of the town and the preservation of and access to its natural elements. Our beaches, marshes and open spaces make Scarborough the special place it is. Personally, I would prefer Scarborough to stay the same as it was when I moved here. However, we have to adapt with the times. Our town is faced with a large decision with the approval of the Downs project. The topic has initiated many conversations from town hall to kitchens, playing fields and bus stops.

Some folks have doubts, others have fears, but most have mixed feelings, saying, if it is done right they’d welcome it. Which brings me to my point. If we are going to have this developed (which as we all know it eventually will be) don’t we want it to be done by developers who have grown up, raised their children, and continue to live here?

I know Roccy Risbara personally; he’s a friend and neighbor. I know what you are thinking, but hold on – I am not writing this letter because I have been a big fan of all matters of the Risbara Brothers’ development projects. I think if we are going to entrust a development project of this magnitude, one that will certainly change the face of Scarborough forever, then we need to partner with someone who really cares about this town. He is a man of integrity, honesty, intelligence and vision. Think about it. Do we want some developer from Massachusetts to come in and develop the Downs without a genuine interest in Scarborough? Or do we want to hand over this project to a family-owned and operated business, individuals who grew up, live and work in and love this town?

Councilors, time is of the essence. Please do not let this opportunity slip away.

Kim Swanson

To the editor,

Amy Glidden and I have been lifelong friends since fifth grade, so I can attest to her strong character and desire to make a positive difference in all that she does. She is committed, thoughtful, collaborative and ethical. Amy is passionate about the importance of providing a quality education to all children.

I am proud of her for taking a stand for the good of the community and striving to work to restore a sense of trust in the school board. Amy is a strong leader and will be a perfect fit to guide the school board in the right direction. This will be my first election since moving to Scarborough and I will be so proud to be able to vote for my dear friend.

Please consider a vote for Amy Glidden for the Scarborough School Board on Nov. 6.

Susan Flaherty

To the editor,

In the years that I have known Linwood Higgins, he has displayed exceptional knowledge on how State House business is conducted. His prior terms in the Maine House, I believe, would be a tremendous asset to the citizens of Scarborough representing House District 28.

He has held positions on various legislative committees and is a former town council member. He understands both the educational and business needs of our state. I hope everyone voting will take the time to review his record and support Linwood Higgins on Nov. 6.

Lynn A. Brady

To the editor,

I spend a lot of time thinking about who to vote for, especially some of our local and state offices. The fact is that state legislators, in order to truly serve the district that sends them to Augusta, have to be willing to listen, to learn and to take into account many perspectives before advancing policy.

For this reason and many others, I fully support Linwood Higgins for state representative and hope you will do the same.

Linwood is a former member of the town council, and when he served in the Legislature years ago, was a member of the state budget writing committee and legislative leadership.

There is a lot of talk these days about whether or not political leaders at all levels are listening to us. That’s not a concern I have with Linwood – he will be just one phone call away if there is anything I need from state departments or to voice my position on legislation impacting Scarborough.

Linwood will be a strong voice for local businesses, taxpayers and everyone who lives in House District 28. I hope you will take the time to vote this election year and to support the most qualified candidate in Scarborough’s District 28: Linwood Higgins.

Donna Applebee

To the editor,

After having served four terms in the Maine legislature, I am stepping aside with a feeling of accomplishment.

Since 2011, a determined Republican team made tough decisions and the results are impressive.

Thousands of Mainers are back to work, our wages have risen, and our income tax rates have been reduced.

The state paid its hospitals $750 million in long overdue debt and also renegotiated the state’s liquor contract.

Maine is the envy of other states with enough money in the bank to cover our bills without short-term borrowing.

Republicans virtually eliminated the $1 billion budget deficit that Gov. LePage inherited from former governors Angus King and John Baldacci.

State baseline funding for public education increased by more than $240 million.

After languishing for years on waitlists, hundreds of disabled Priority 1 Mainers are finally receiving their Medicaid services.

Responsible budgeting helped replenish the state’s Rainy Day Fund and stabilize our state’s pension system.

With more work to do, the upcoming election is important. Voters will determine the direction for Maine moving forward.

That is why, on Nov. 6, I encourage you to join me in voting for our Republican team: Shawn Moody for governor. Roger Densmore, Linwood Higgins and Karen Vachon as representatives to the Maine House and Amy Volk for Maine Senate.

Rep. Heather Sirocki

To the editor,

What happens in Augusta matters. The people we send to represent us in Augusta matters. That’s why I support the re-election of Amy Volk.

Amy has been a strong supporter of children in many ways. She has repeatedly voted to increase funding to education. She has worked hard to make sure that our children are protected from lead poisoning by passing landmark legislation regarding lead poison levels.

Maine has a lot of old homes and lead poisoning, even a small amount, can have significant and permanent effects on kids. Amy also secured $1 million of federal funding to help opioid affected parents clean themselves up, get jobs and be better parents.

The long-term impact of helping those parents is life changing for the children and for the future of our state. While a lot of people will say what they are going to do if elected, I suggest you look at the actual bodies of work of Amy Volk and of her opponent.

Do you want a senator who just votes party line or someone who makes things happen? Look at the records and ask yourself who would be best to get things done as our state senator.

In my opinion, based on historical activity, there’s no question that person is Amy Volk.

Jennifer Cleary

To the editor,

I would like to voice my support of Leroy Crockett for a three-year board of education term. I have known Leroy for many years. Working with him on the board of directors of the Scarborough Chamber of Commerce, zoning board of appeals, Community Services recreation advisory committee, Concerts in the Park.

He is a passionate father of two and about Scarborough and this community. He is a Rotarian, former president, current chair of the ZBA and graduate of Scarborough High School.

I have found Leroy to be approachable, to all points of view, thoughtful and deliberate in his decision making. I will be voting for Leroy Crocket and hope you will consider doing so as well.

Art Dillon

To the editor,

I have known Sarah Leighton for nearly two decades. I had the privilege of working with her while she held her position as co-director of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference, which provided leadership opportunities for the youth of Maine and New Hampshire.

For as long as I’ve known her, she has been a fierce supporter of the town of Scarborough, never missing a chance to remind others of the Rotary Club that supported her leadership studies or the school system that prepared her for an exemplary professional career.

As a father of three school aged children, I can unequivocally say that Sarah Leighton would bring the kind of level headed leadership that today’s education system needs.

Sarah is the perfect blend of traditional values and high ethical standards mixed with a modern perspective on today’s youth. As a young professional, she has travelled the world exploring and understanding the global society in which we live. She has lead or participated in multiple educational programs for youth, non-profit organizations, leadership development courses, athletic programs, and more.

Among Sarah’s many attributes, she is fiscally minded, technically savvy, compassionate, and level headed.

Long before her decision to run for the school board, Sarah would engage with those around her in passionate policy discussions, budget debates, and outright calls to action in support of our youth. Her commitment to giving back to the community that served her so well is as genuine as I’ve ever seen. She is the real deal.

The school system, and the children who belong to it, are in many ways the heart and soul of a community.

There are several candidates running for school board whom would undoubtedly do well, however I believe none are as passionate, committed, and capable as Sarah Leighton.

This November, I hope you’ll cast your vote for Sarah Leighton as your choice for the Scarborough School Board.

Jared Avery

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