2018-10-19 / Letters

Superintendent addresses school bus situation

To the editor,

We know there has been some frustration with the busing during the first week of school. We understand and we are doing the best we can to work out the wrinkles as quickly as possible.

At the start of each year, there is always an adjustment period for the bussing schedule. The purpose of this letter is to provide an update regarding number of students per seat, progress on staffing the department, and schedule adjustments.

Student safety is our number one priority. We do not allow more than three students to sit in one seat on the bus. If your child is sitting in a seat with more than two other students please remind them that this is not safe or legal and notify our transportation supervisor, Sarah Redmond, immediately via phone at 730-4145.

This will allow us to address and correct the matter.

Leading up to the start of the school year, our transportation department was adequately staffed and we were prepared to start the year. However, within the last two weeks we have lost five certified bus drivers and are now currently in need of six qualified drivers.

As a result, some pick up and drop off times will need to be adjusted due to the fact that we may need to combine bus runs. However, no pick up times will be adjusted without proper notification from our transportation supervisor. This notification will happen in writing and be passed out by the drivers directly to the students whose stop may be affected.

These adjustments should not be permanent as we currently have two drivers in training, one potential hire, and two interviews scheduled for next week.

If you know anyone who has any interest in being a Scarborough school bus driver please encourage them to check our advertisement in the local papers and on our website, or they can call Redmond directly at 730- 4145.

We appreciate your patience as we make adjustments to the schedule and logistics as we work to make sure that the bussing schedule is as smooth and predictable as possible.

Julie R. Kukenberger, superintendent
Scarborough Schools

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