2018-11-09 / Letters

Wouldn’t it be nice if compromise worked

To the editor,

I have just finished reading the building update by Kevin Freeman and have a suggestion for the various committees involved.

I understand how items can exceed budgets, but I was surprised that the only items looked at for removal from the project were critical items.

These included apparatus bays, dorm rooms and rest rooms. Why have a fire station or police station unless you have a garage?

One obvious item that could be changed and would satisfy a large number of residents, would be eliminating the new road through Durant Park.

I do not know how much money would be saved by not constructing this new road and using driveways that enter and exit on to Route 1, but I would imagine it would be a sizable amount.

In addition, it would eliminate the need for the DEP permit, as there would be no intrusion on the wetlands that the current plan calls for.

The various safety issues previously mentioned during the earlier meetings would also be met by this action. It appears that the unyielding desire of the police and fire chiefs to have a separate entrance to the new building is overriding this option.

Wouldn’t it be nice if compromise worked here, and money was saved as opposed to hitting up other funding options during the upcoming fiscal year.

Save versus spend seems to be a forgotten ideal.

Jack Fay

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