2018-08-17 / Letters

Candidate will work for the people

To the editor,

Linda Sanborn was a family physician in Gorham for 25 years. She worked hard in her profession delivering babies and caring for the people in her community.

After retiring, she decided to run for a seat in the House of Representatives. She was elected and served for four terms (2008 through 2016).

Linda worked with her colleagues in Augusta to address important issues effecting Mainers. She served two terms on the Health and Human Services Committee and two on Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Linda won an award from the Maine Council on Aging for her work that benefitted seniors. She understands the issues that are important to working families, including access to affordable health care, employment that pays a living wage, education, and investing in renewable energy.

Linda is a clean elections candidate and has funded her campaign through $5 contributions from people in our community. She will not accept money from big business corporations or wealthy individuals. She will work for the people she represents and not be beholden to big money interests.

Get to know Linda and you will see why she is the best candidate to represent the people in District 30 in Augusta. For more information, visit https:// lindasanborn.mainecandidate.com.

Kathy Bouchard Scarborough

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