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Residents and businesses of Scarborough –– We need your help in the

next stage of the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update.

During Summer and Fall of 2017, the town invited the Scarborough community to “Imagine the

Future” as the fi rst step in updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. In September, the Town

hosted a week-long workshop called Planapalooza, where the community came together to talk

about ideas and to map opportunities for the future.

Now we have a fi rst draft of the plan, based on this input.

We need you to review the fi rst draft of the plan 1) by fi lling out the survey below based on the

policies in the fi rst draft and 2) by reviewing the draft plan available on the Town’s website.

Surveys may be returned to Town Hall or the Scarborough Public Library through August

15, 2018. This survey will also be available to fi ll out online at

1) Nine guiding principles emerged from discussions at Planapalooza. The Town would

like to know which 3 principles are most important to you over the next 10 to 20 years.

Please check the THREE principles that most resonate with you.

Authentic: Capture the distinctive sense of place and community identity.

Bold: Lead with purpose and take proactive steps to plan the future.

Connected: Build a safe, efficient and reliable multi-modal transportation system that

encourages active mobility, provides linkages between neighborhoods & villages

Engaged: Cultivate community and civic responsibility through citizen engagement.

Fiscally Sustainable: Deliver excellent municipal services in a fi scally sustainable

manner, minimizing impacts and costs for tax payers.

Healthy: Ensure a healthy lifestyle for residents by providing access to parks, beaches,

natural areas, public spaces and community facilities such as the library.

Stewardship: Become a model of environmental stewardship, managing the Town’s

resources to support present and future generations.

Vibrant: Provide healthy and sustainable environments attractive to both residents

and businesses by investing in efficient infrastructure and services.

Welcoming: Promote strong, healthy, livable neighborhoods

2) Based on input at Planapalooza, traffic is a major concern for residents. Please choose

whether or not you agree with the following ideas regarding traffic along Route One.

Strategy Agree Maybe Disagree No Opinion

Provide alternative routes for pass-through

commuters, avoiding congested areas of Town.

Improve intersections to accommodate the

heaviest traffic fl ows, focusing on the needs of

the pass-through commuter.

Improve traffic for moderate fl ows, somewhat

inconveniencing pass-through traffic.

Slow traffic down to promote walkability in the

village areas, emphasizing local needs over pass-through


commuter needs.

3) At Planapalooza, participants identifi ed the diversity (location, style and price) in our neigh-borhoods


as a strength. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following strategies:

Strategy Agree Maybe Disagree No Opinion

Ensure that a variety of housing types can be built

within the community

Encourage development of housing in a variety of

price ranges

Encourage housing attractive to all, including

seniors, families, young adults

Allow higher density in some areas to increase

affordability and conserve land

Promote walkability through a series of connected

sidewalks and trails

4) At Planapalooza, participants identifi ed the importance of maintaining and fos-tering


a sense of community identity within Scarborough. Please indicate your level

of agreement with the following strategies:

Strategy Agree Maybe Disagree No Opinion

Preserve the remaining historic resources of value

to the community

Provide for vibrant and diverse activity centers that

draw the community together, providing areas to

meet, work, shop, dine, and socialize.

Develop a community center facility, attracting all

ages to a central location.

Allow development patterns that build upon

distinctive characteristics of existing neighborhoods

and villages.

5) Planapalooza participants identifi ed the protection of the natural resource base as

fundamental to the future of Scarborough. Please identify your level of agreement with

the following strategies:

Strategy Agree Maybe Disagree No Opinion

Preserve elements of the Town’s rural character and

signifi cant vistas.

Protect the Scarborough Marsh’s ecosystem through

the preservation of water courses and undeveloped

blocks of land that are signifi cant to wild life habitat

and low impact recreational opportunities.

Communicate the importance and value of the Town’s

resource base to residents, students, businesses & visitors.

Engage in resiliency planning related to increased

rainfalls and rising sea levels.

To preserve rural character, continue to allow

development in areas which take advantage of existing

infrastructure, even though the eco-systems in these

areas may be more fragile and may require additional

controls and regulations to be implemented.

6) Open Comment on any ideas for the future of Scarborough: ___________________





A Scarborough Comprehensive Plan Survey

Responses Due by August 15, 2018

Questions: Contact Jay Chace – or 730-4042
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