2012-11-16 / In the News


With the holidays upon us we at Hearing Essentials know the importance of the gift of HEARING.

The gift of hearing is a gift the whole family benefits from. With a hearing loss, relationships are stranded, communication is lost, our loved one withdraws and feel isolated. Family gatherings with children, grandchildren and close friends are so important to us all. No one wants to feel left out. Why not pool the family resources and purchase hearing aids for your loved one. We offer free hearing test, evaluation and 30 day trial with no obligation.

Already have a hearing aid! Then let us offer our many services to keep them running at tip top efficiency. We have gift certificates for your Holiday Giving that can be used for hearing aids, hearing aid adjustments, clean and check, repairs, battery testers, batteries, “Battery Club” (we mail batteries directly to your home) and so much more. Call our office for more information.

Be a part of the Holiday cheers this season, come listen to what you have been missing.

When you are ready to Hear we are ‘HEAR” for you!

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